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How to have the Commercial Conversations
​​​​​​​​​​​​​​that accelerate your growth
Without a sales conversation nothing happens. You can’t sell your services, and the client misses out on the advice they need. If you avoid having sales conversations too much, you are forced to accept the wrong work, reduce your fees to win work, or close your doors. But if you can have a regular commercial conversation you can grow your practice and remain open. This book shows
​​​​​​​you how.
Selling for Accountants will show you how to:
- Identify what potential clients want to buy
- Why they will buy it
- How to have a sales conversation
- How to demonstrate the value you bring beyond the hourly rate, and
- How to ask for the business without getting all salesy.
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About the Author
Darren Fleming is an expert in sales and influence. He has spent his career selling and helping professionals across many industries increase their revenue.  This book shows you how to increase your sales and grow your practice.